Raya 2016

Well hello!

Long silence hehe (the internet at kampung is suuuper duper slow haih) but anyways, selamat hari raya!! Hope you had a blissful raya with your love ones ❤️

So this year, we had our raya at Segamat, Johor (ibu’s side of the family) because last year we spent our raya with ayah’s family in Ipoh. We shoot back on Monday morning and apparently we spent the whole raya week in Johor. The whole week was scorching sunny nak masak pun rasa tak larat 😪 Only on the 3rd Syawal we had drizzles early in the morning. Other days, we shed sweat! But all in all, alhamdulillah ✨ 

It’s a must to have dodol everytime I had my raya in Johor. Satu family gotong-royong kacau! 😁 So on Raya eve, all the men of the family dikerahkan untuk mengacau dodol right after Maghrib. Ibu was raised as a village girl, so the atmosphere was very calm and blissful. Orang kata, raya di kampung feelnya lain daripada beraya di bandar. What’s more, this raya I had ‘cooking classes’ with Mak Long to cook all sorts of family recipes i.e rendang pedas ayam, rendang ayam maman negeri sembilan, daging tumis jawa etc. It was fun! 

We had our usual family photoshoot on Raya morning. Ibu had a big family, jadi agak meriah sikit bila raya when everybody get to gather as one during Raya. After that, we went to Muar to visit Atok. The upcoming days, we received so many guests sampai tak menang tangan masak di dapur! 😅 And, I get to know some of my relatives that I haven’t met before huhu (I even got mistaken, no, I always got mistaken by people that I’m the younger one while Aiman’s the older one. Yes people, this petite girl is the eldest 😢)

We shoot back home last night. The traffic was okay, alhamdulillah. No more fantasy, back to reality 😭 Trials is nearing (-43 days hElp). Now, tense up! 

This is my raya story. How about yours? Till next time 🌟

❤️ Leya


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