Confessions of A Lover

I guess it’s easy for certain people to say “cut off the people in your life that don’t treat you the way you want to be treated”. It’s easier for them to say “don’t be weak!”, “give him/her up”, “move on”. It’s also easy because that’s what every hero/heroine portrays in every movie. When they get mistreated, they stand up and then the audience applauds! And then they meet other people in their life that does fit the “Prince Charming” and “Princess Charming” criteria and it’s all love and roses from there.

Only it’s not like that for us lovers.

There’s nothing too clingy or too possessive for us. It’s just who we are. It means we care. Most of the time we don’t think with our brains. We think with our hearts. Hence there’s nothing too much, nothing too hard, no sacrifices too big, nothing too romantic. People can scoff saying we’re stuck in a world made for the screens. But we think that’s bull. Because if that person means a lot to you, he/she deserves more than what those characters in movies get.

That being said, we often know that the world ain’t ready to handle our demands. Because we love too much, we give in. Every time we get hurt, we brush it off. “It’s not a need, it’s a want”, we console ourselves. We put on a smile, and return to give more love. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It just means we’re strong enough to push ahead.

When we get into fights, we burst. But we love too much to walk away. So we always come back. We don’t mind saying sorry. We’d rather lose our ego rather than lose the people we love. It doesn’t mean we’re wrong all the time. It doesn’t mean we give up our principles or change our beliefs. It just means we’re willing to bend it to preserve a relationship.

In a world that rages with war and hatred, in a world where people die alone and unaccepted by society, “lovers” give. And we continue giving because we know that if we all give enough love, most of the problems we’re currently facing can be solved. So we love even when it hurts, we love even when it’s one-sided, we love even when people say it’s wrong. We love and that’s our strength.

We’re not weaker than those rational people who walk away and stand for their principles. We’re stronger in a different way.


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