We have two types of Malays nowadays

Number 1) 

“Bajet gila cakap omputih”

“Astaghfirullah tak tahu agama ke berdosa”


Number 2) 

“Ew its in Malay”

“Jangan jadi kampung boleh?”

None of you is progressive.


2 thoughts on “Meleis 

  1. yeayyyy!!!! I am totally agree with you. Most of malaysian are narrow minded. It was hard for me to speak in english since I was in primary school until I entered a boarding school when I was in form 4. Things went completely different. Thank you for this. I get to know for blog from vivy yusof’s instagram. I am going to read you blog starting from today because I really wants to improve my english. Thank you so much

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    1. I do believe we can do something to change the perception amongst the society. Aww that is very sweet of you 😊 but mind you that sometimes I do use ‘rojak language’ in my posts. I hope maybe my genuine-english-written posts will benefit you in a way. I highly respect your enthusiasm to improve your English. Don’t hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions okay? I wish you the best of luck! x


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