A Prayer for the Americans 

​I suppose this could be quite controversial, but if you wish to read this I hope you will read it with an open mind and that you will read it to the end so that you will not misinterpret my message, inshaa Allah.

Through my reading, I am exposed to all sort of sanctions (i.e restrictions and penalty) which the United States impose on countries in order to show their stand against a certain action. For example, Iran was sanctioned as it was deemed to be a contributor to national terrorism while North Korea is sanctioned for its perceived nuclear threat. These sanctions could be partial or extensive and it could cover areas of banking, trade and even travelling. In most cases, it would really cripple the sanctioned countries as the sanctions make it near impossible for the countries to transact with the rest of the world.

As the saying goes, the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. And one can only imagine the sort of power the United States have in their hands as sanctions are not only imposed on their people alone but also on those who transact in their notes and currency.

At this point, as immature as this may sound – I couldn’t help but wish that the US sanctions are imposed on Israel because bombing hospitals, schools and ambulance are clearly acts of terror.

And yet United States, the country that imposes countless sanctions to show its foreign policy against terrorism is financing a blatant terrorism. The fact that two UN schools in Gaza have been bombed and UN is still unable to pass a resolution to allege Israel of war crime is a clear indication that UN is powerless without the big guns.

We know where the power resides. And surely we know who, out of the five superpowers – have consistently vetoed against the decision to charge Israel.

It is the Government of the United States.

And as much as I want to condemn them, I want even more for them to support our cause because deep in my heart I know that they could make a difference in a way that we, for now, couldn’t.

We know Israel will keep on going for as long the American government is shielding them. But this only makes us stronger and more united as one. Strengths, afterall are often nurtured during the most trying of times and this is the process of us re-building our strength.

I couldn’t help but to admire the sort of support I’m seeing underground. The fund raising, prayer after prayer, boycott campaigns and rallies to raise awareness of this situation worldwide regardless of colour and religion.

Support from non-Muslims and even Jews and Americans reminded me of our history, when the Prophet SAW and his followers were ill-treated by the Quraish. They migrated to Abyssinia and were given undivided support under a Christian ruler. History has shown us that Islam stands by other religions for as long as they support peace and justice and it is heart warming to witness the same support today. It is even more uplifting for me to see how the Christians and the Muslims in Palestine are together as one – in a solidarity that perhaps even my nation could learn from.

At this point, we know we’re fighting against a more powerful team and in my personal opinion it is okay for us to admit this. After all, Islam started off as a small movement which consisted only of the Prophet SAW’s close family and minorities and the Prophet SAW acknowledged this. He SAW made a special du’a for Allah to strengthen Islam with the conversion of a powerful Quraish i.e. Umar Al-Khattab and Allah granted this wish. The conversion of Ummar proved to be a much needed moral booster for the oppressed and his strength grew to be the strength of Islam as the religion spread its wings across continents.

So tonight, despite how I feel towards them – I choose to make a little prayer for the American government and its people.

May Allah SWT open your heart to see what the rest of the world is seeing. Just as how Allah has guided the heart of Ummar to Islam at a point when he wanted to kill the Prophet SAW, may Allah guide your heart to support the Palestinians at a time when you want to fight them. May Allah guide the people of power in the US and give them strength to do the right thing. And if they are unable to do this, may Allah replace them with a better and stronger team who will be able to stand by what is right. More importantly, may the Americans who voice out against the Gaza occupation and other injustices in the world grow to be leaders of their country who would inspire and eventually execute the change they want to see in this world.

I would understand if some will deem my prayer as futile – what with the level of power the Pro-Zionist Americans have on the economy. But surely no du’a is too big for Allah to execute!

And all the while, we will be here – united as one for the people of Gaza and the oppressed. Our sanctions may be small in magnitude but I am convinced without a doubt that by Allah’s will, it will continue to increase by number and by strength.

To President Obama, this is all I have to say:

Looking at your government made me realize that if I were to choose between power and freedom- I would run for freedom.

I would rather be on the streets rallying for justice than to live in the comfort of White House and provide support to bomb civilians. Nothing justifies the bombing of ambulances and hospitals, especially not the alleged human shields. You do not need to be a superpower to know that bombing ambulances, hospitals and schools are unacceptable. You just need to be human – a free human who can speak and uphold truth even when the truth is not in your allies’ favour.

And that, Mr President – is the true power.

I pray that the US too will achieve its true power and freedom. There are so many men, women and children who are bleeding and dying as I pen this, but they stand firm against the oppressors regardless of religion or race. If you could have just a  of their strength….there is so, so much that you could do to make a difference.

Because just as how you, Mr President put it six years ago – “When it comes to positive change – Yes we can!“.


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