The Problem with 7 Hari Mencintaiku

​So finally the drama series has come to an end, with a happy ending that allows most people to sleep soundly at night. Whilst 7 Hari Mencintaiku can be rated as one of my favourite Akasia shows, it is undoubtedly one that is problematic enough to prompt me into writing this. For those who didn’t watch it, lemme break it down for you. The main antagonist, Syakila, tried to ruin someone’s marriage and almost got away marrying the hero (Khuzairi) who happens to be married off to Mia already (the protagonist). In the process, she had almost killed the protagonist, lied to her family members and was mean to people. The main reason for this was because she was pregnant and needed someone to be the scapegoat. 

Here’s where the problem lies. When her plan was unveiled, the main problem people had with her was the fact that she was no longer a virgin. Sure, they reprimanded her for almost killing Mia (the protagonist) but they were mostly disappointed in her for losing her virginity. Quoting the groom to be’s mother, “As much as I hate my daughter in law, as bad as she was, she never had premarital sex”. What this means : If I am snobbish, I hurt my husband, I blackmail my mother in law, I disown my baby since birth, I belittle the poor and disabled (at first the protagonist was an asshole), I am FAR BETTER than a girl who has lost her virginity.  The most ridiculous part was when Mia herself had a problem with it. “As women we should not stoop so low”. THE LADY ALMOST KILLED YOU. I think that should be the only issue you focus on?!

In a society that holds virginity as the main criteria to measure whether someone is good or not, it is of no surprise Shakila turned the way she did. I do not hate her, I despise the way they portrayed society. Which is of course not much different than the reality. As a Muslim, yes what she did was wrong. But that’s her problem to deal with God. As a society, we are not God. And we do not have any right to punish her. Let alone condemn her to a life long tittle of “cheap” and “worthless”. She cannot undo what has happened but as any other crime, she can improve herself, if she feels like that her lifestyle is no longer suitable for her.

But if she does not, then that is none of your business. Not if her lifestyle does not affect you in any way. Not being a virgin is not a goddamn crime. For all you know, these girls have better hearts and are much more useful to society than you’d ever be.


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