It’s a wrap!

Been reading everyone’s 2016 wrap up somehow I realised something’s missing from all of us  (me included, most of the times). We thank God and the people around us for all the good times… but we seem to forget the beauty of the bad times and to thank everyone for them too. Thank you for fighting with me. Because through fights, our relationship came out stronger. Thank you for seeing me cry, and crying with me. It was through those times that we learned to be better. Thank you for criticising me instead of just giving me compliments. I innovised. Thank you for the sickness. It made me productive during times of health. Thank you for leaving me (to those who walked away). It made me appreciate those who stayed. Thank you for the rain and storms dear God. It made me appreciate the beauty of the rainbow. Here’s to a tougher 2017! Because you know, a cruise can be boring (though you know I really don’t mind it once in awhile, don’t take it wrongly).


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