Il Vogaggio

​Looking back at 2016, here’s one thing I learned. Nothing ever comes easily but it’s never impossible as well. Whether it’s learning attributes you lack, having more friends, fixing relationships with family members… it’s not a one night job. It doesn’t get better with “sorry” or “I love you”. You’re not gonna get better at maths after one class or even one WEEK of class. You’re not going to discover your self worth after one session of therapy. Not even after one whole programme of awareness. But you will discover it, piece by piece after every try. It takes consistency. Relentlessly going after what you want. Spending time. Dropping in to say you care. Showing up when people don’t expect you to. Listening to your soul once in awhile. Taking out your maths book and sitting down, doing it, night after night. Improvement is a lifetime journey. But I guess that’s the beauty of it. The journey.


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