Growing Up

There are certain things that sometimes, even I, myself, cannot seem to explain or put in words. And the funny thing is, I should know myself better than anyone else. Because I am my own thoughts, my own mind and my own soul. But what is it that makes me, ME? Do my thoughts define who I am? Do my actions justify my personality? Does my soul reflect me in general? Or it is a matter of perspective of others? Or what I think I am is who I am?

I thought that at this phase of life, I should be understanding myself better. I thought that I could figure things out easily as solutions would keep producing for I have experienced a lot. But oh boy, was I ; I am more lost now than I have ever been. I was naive thinking that things would get easier as I age. However, to think about it again, it seems to me that everything is less unfathomable. But.. is it really though? Or burying problems at the back of my mind has become a habit of mine?

Maybe.. this is what life is all about. One is not destined to understand it fully and bafflement is simply inevitable. Thus, this is where acceptance and effort slide in. And I guess, this is what makes life adventurous.


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