Words Within

I stood in an empty room
And heard everything it consumed.
I covered my ears
To stop the tears.
But I heard it still
Wanting me to kill.

Back and forth I walked
With ears remain blocked.
But the voices got louder
It was filled with anger.

So I stopped and stared
All shocked and scared.

It said,

“Inadequate, you are
And I promise you won’t go far.
Try and try as you may
But all you will see is grey.

Unpleasant in the eyes
No surprise you are despise.
You are not only plain

But also a pain.

A sham from the start
I hope you fall apart.
Sincerely from me
Your inner enemy.”

I tried really hard
To not take it to the heart.
Except it is easy to say
Then to put it in a play.
But I will try my best
To put it to rest.

Please remember,
Despite what you believe
Know that you can achieve.
For words within
Should flow like the wind.
Love who you are
Because you are a shining star.


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