The Power of Vivy Yusof

​When the limited edition Swarovski KL Duck scarves were released, it took only five minutes for them to be sold out!

(At the pricepoint of RM800, worldwide!)
Because they are inspired by Vivy

All her #fvootd became viral over time, and
I personally will spend 34% of my time per day,
looking at all her pictures and videos,
because I found them very interesting and could be very funny!

She’s been such an inspiration to me
and for idk so many reasons,
I just want to be a young entrepreneur so badly.
but first, let me get my spm results first (may everything is at ease gahddd) and fly to the Big Apple
and graduate, become a journalist
and continue with the plans and dreams that I always tell
my parents and Pan.

To Vivy Yusof,
keep inspiring (I bet I am not the only one who feels this way!)
all youths need someone like you as our inspiration
and trust me,
you deserve all the happiness you have today.
May Allah shower you&your lil family with His blessings.


Disclaimer: Can’t wait for Love, Vivy Season 2!!


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