​Watching romantic, cheesy films as a child made the idea of love attainable,

Made every little girl believe in such a prince charming who is tall, dark and handsome,

As I passed through my innocent, naive stages of life I realize love I had envisioned is fraud,

They say being in love is effortless, literally allowing yourself to fall in the arms of another person,

Caring for someone takes time that I am willing to give up,

Reminding them to take care and stay safe as a world without them in just unheard of,

If they left, what is to become of this life? of my life?

In my own little fantasy, you are my dose of caffeine everyday and you are the wish I make before I go to sleep,
I see you not only as a shoulder to cry on, but as arms to hide in when it gets too dark or too cold,

Indeed, you may say how trivial of me to have gotten attached to the idea of happily ever after at such a young age,
Especially to someone to has been long gone,

Your passing has left scars that are too deep to heal,
Perhaps after the bleeding and swelling, I could finally have a normal life again,
One where I could speak for myself, without worrying of your every thought,
A life where your facial expression doesn’t change the tone of my conversation,
How wonderful it would be if I could pretend as I have never met you,

But, in reality, you came and left so quickly, that my only reaction is to pounder over all the possibilities,
It might seem crazy that I describe you as someone dead,
But the matter of fact is two people that close do not just disappear from each other lives only if death do them part,

There is no way of us to contact each other, not through mobiles, or emails, even through people,
So, doesn’t it feel like you were dead,
Perhaps telling myself to believe in it wouldn’t be such a bad idea,

I could stop the wishing, the worrying about your job and family, your health,
I could finally have a chance to finding my own prince charming.


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