A Thing or Two about A Thing or Two 

​To be frank, I’ve always wanted to do a blogging challenge; so it’s 0230H and I am barely sleepy so I’m just going to do the Get to Know Me Tag; which I am sure close to no one would view anyway because obviously half of the nation’s asleep by now.

So onto the questions,

  1. What are you really bad at?

I am honestly really bad at drawing hands-on on paper. Truthfully, I enjoy graphic designing and all that, but for some reason all my handmade artwork and sketches always turn out horribly; I don’t even try anymore.

       2. Who is your best friend?

Well, I have bunch of them; during high school like Nabilah, Q, Yasmin and Ainn, also my childhood besties Juju, Yena and Dina. (Also, in memory, Mikhael)

       3. What’s your favourite book?

Tough, considering I’ve read plenty of books. Jodi Picoult’s Perfect Match had me crying in an airplane and honestly, that was a first (I barely show solid emotion when reading) so I guess that’s a definite favourite since it triggered such emotions.

      4. What’s your fav song atm?

I listen to Colors by Yuna on repeat, mostly because I like the lyrics and how it somewhat relates to me.

     5. What do you find attractive in the opposite gender?

I find chivalry and brains very attractive. Fine, looks do matter to me to a certain extent, but it’s the attitude and IQ that’s going to earn him a future. Being good with children and animals is always a plus!

        6. What is the meanest thing anyone has said to you?

I barely keep track and I try my best not to allow anyone’s words to rile me up; but the worst line I’ve ever heard was “I thought you’re a good friend, turns out I’m wrong”. It hits me and makes me beat myself for days every single time.

      7. What is the nicest things anyone has ever said to you?

Truthfully, I find it very meaningful when my friends tell me they look up to me; it shows me that I’m not a total screw-up and that people still see something in me worth looking up to. It makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

       8. What do you want to be when you get older?

I seriously do not have the answer to this. Ibu always told me that she made the decision of what she wanted to be – an editor – after she received her SPM results but I’m afraid in this futuristic environment, you have to work out your future a teeny bit earlier. I’ve had literature, law, journalism and political science in mind, and that’s a lot of options to go through, I know, but as for now maybe journalism could be the most potential.

      9. What is your most embarassing moment?

Screwing up a reply speech in front of a group of Israeli debaters when I was in form 2; so darn embarrassing I swear to god!

      10. What do you love most about yourself?

I love the passion I have when I’m ‘into’ something.

     11. What is your current biggest worry?

I worry about my spm results a lot; especially when I get into deep thinking on applying for scholarships.

    12. What do you wish for repeatedly?

Some of the constant wishes that I mention in my doa on a daily basis includes achieving 9As in order to make my parents proud and to redeem the school’s pride.

     13. How is your relationship with your family?

I am truthfully extremely attached to my family members, especially my mother. I think of her like a best friend, and tell her almost every thing about life. My father is a pretty cool person and as for my brothers; I’m not exactly the nicest sister they had but both Aiman and Adam are a keeper.

     14. What do you hate most about school?

Back then, my school has darn strict policies, especially on going home during weekends etc, and as much as I know complaining doesn’t change anything; it makes me angry that they invade my rights to personal space. But now that I’ve graduated, I wouldn’t care less kekeke.

     15. What are your two main insecurities?

My voice when speaking up front and my pimples make me insecure, that’s for sure.

      16. What are your pet peeves?

I really dislike individuals who hate on others’ opinions, people who inconsiderately blast music when others are resting, people who turn the lights on when there are still people asleep for his/her personal benefit & people who misuse trust.

      17. What is your fav movie?

Another tough question. Lately, I’ve been binge watching Marvel movies and before that, Hindustani movies so I think anything from those two categories would pass.

      18. What is your height?

Somewhere around 150 cm (153 cm to be exact, maybe I can’t remember precisely); yes, I’m incredibly short for my age.

       19. What is your fav subject in school?

Naturally, due to being raised by a literature-major & being in the debate club, I like English. Modern Mathematics keeps me on my toes with its ridiculous yet time-consuming questions (but as for Additional Maths, it was and will always be my rival) and of course, History ❤

     20. What do you prioritise in life?

I prioritise my family, studies and friendship more than anything else. (except God and Rasulullah of course) These three things are what matters most to me at the end of the day.

There you go, 20 tiring questions and a half-awake Alya lol. I guess I can sleep well now, good night!


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