One Day, I’ll See Women as Presidents

​I didn’t grow up wanting to be a president, but I’ve always witnessed great women whom I hope will one day be on top of the hierarchy that is patriarchal. Some of my friends and family members would like to tell me that I qualify to become a politician because I can speak up front, but Ayah has always rejected the notion of me being involved in anything political. Sure, I’d like to see Malaysia as a better place and I have great visions on how exactly Malaysia can progress but that doesn’t mean I see myself running the country.

United States of America is not my country, but it certainly holds a power on Malaysia. I have never been directly updated with whatsoever is going on in the political world; to me it’s a huge bunch of elections in every country, politicians making policies that don’t happen 60% of the time and then a lot more public shaming in order to raise votes. To me, it’s a hypocritical world where everyone is so keen on showing what they’re good at and hiding the flaws that’ll get them judged. However, for the past few months, I have been keeping track of the United States’ General Election.

Just like many other women, I was amazed to see a female candidate on top of the polls. I was inspired when I heard her speak, I was, still am, motivated to be like her someday (not as president, but well, you get me), I was interested to see what she has for America in the future. I am not a feminist, I swear to God, although being in an all-girls school for five years had widen my prospect on female domination and girl power. But it’s a refreshing change to see a woman working so hard to be at par with men.

I do not perceive Hillary Clinton as a flawless candidate. She has flaws and she makes mistakes at times, but when you put everything on a comparative scale; you’ll see just how worse the other side is. A sexual assaulter, a hoaxer, a liar, an unexperienced businessman who took up politics as merely just a hobby, a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, a homophobic and of all the bad things, an Islamophobic at its best. Yet this is the man America chose; this is the future that they chose to live in.

I am not an American yet I am scared for their lives. I am scared for the women, the Muslims, the homosexuals, the African Americans; everyone whose lives can be affected. I find it highly amusing that the elders could vote yet the youths whose lives literally depended on the policies made by the future president could not. You want to unite the divided nation yet you unknowingly destroyed it even further. Alas, the election day is over and done with, and for all we know, we are stuck with this man as the president of United States of America for the next four years.

I hope one day, I’ll wake up and see women on top of the list; women commanding armies; women changing the world. It’s just something great and new to look up to, isn’t it?


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