The Thing about Potter

[This post is about the Harry Potter franchise. Please bear in mind!]

Long ago, I convinced Ibu into buying me a copy of the Special Rehearsal Edition Script: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which is quite costly but I believe it’s completely worth it. All the hype about the play and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them really had me going back to my early Potterhead days, and damn did I miss fangirling over the whole franchise!

I was honestly a pretty-late Potterhead; I started somewhere in 2009 or 2010, & the Half-Blood Prince movie was already out in the cinemas by then, even the Deathly Hallows book was already in stores. I would have to credit my cousin Azril [who, ironically, is nicknamed Potter by his friends too] for recommending the series to me, though I started out by borrowing the books from my Ibu’s office library.

I got into the whole series pretty quick, finishing the whole book series in two months time. Some books were unavailable in the library, like Order of Phoenix, so I dragged my mum to MPH mere hours after I finished the preceding book because that’s just how badly I obsessed over these books. I have to say though, I now regret not buying the whole series because CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW NICE MY BOOKSHELF WOULD LOOK???

After being done and over with the books, it took me quite some time to go to DVD stores looking for Harry Potter Movies but a few months prior to the release of the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie, I was already done with the whole movie franchise. I was in deep, you see, the characters and the plot got me hooked from Day 1 and I really couldn’t resist the temptation to obsess over the franchise.

I’ve been known to have a pretty short attention span, I mean, I jump from one fandom to another; I’ve been an avid Once Upon A Time fan, an impossibly addicted The Hunger Games fan, an obsessed The Chronicles of Narnia fan and so many other franchises, but Harry Potter is one of the few fandoms I actually stick to up until today. So with the new book and a prequel movie coming up, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty much back into my 10 year-old self who was so caught up in the wizarding world.

Also, JK Rowling is one of my writing idols. You see, I am a girl with many ambitions [and I have yet to settle on a specific one, and for now I guess journalism would be the ideal one] but I have always find joy in writing, both fiction and non-fiction. It’s honestly no surprise that I really look up to Rowling, seeing the scale of the franchise she had help created while unconsciously doing what she’s most passionate about- writing. I want to be a part of something just as big and incredible someday, and I know it takes time; but I also know that time & patience is vital in order to create a masterpiece.

Alas, I am still here waiting for my long overdue Hogwarts letter.

Perhaps the owl couldn’t find it’s way to Malaysia?


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