Chance Encounters

​Sometimes, most of the times, I tend to stick to the past. I like to call it being reminiscent but my friends would tell me that I just can’t let go of the past and to a certain extent, the statement is kind of true. I hate that about myself though, because sometimes I think- I know that I live too much in the past that I rarely find time to appreciate the little blessings I received in life. Sure, I might have lost a friend or two but I have found true friends in people I didn’t even expect. I hope they have found a true friend in me too. Somewhere along 2016, I met people I care deeply about and I met people who support me through the harshest of problems and I’m glad, very glad.

So here’s to my go-to girl gang. It’s not much, but it has all the people who would stay and who would fight for me & I couldn’t ask for more. I have Dina, whose obsession with Coldplay entertains me to no end and offers a hand whenever I’m in need. Yena’s around whenever I need someone to be painfully honest with me and strike me with unforgiving insults. I know I have Juju whenever I need realistic reminders of life and outreached hands for whenever the world is crashing in on all of us. 

How would I ever survive 2016 without this one in particular? From talks about the progress of our day every dinner and the long conversations about missing people & reminiscing the past to motivating each other and pushing through, time has definitely changed both of us for the better, inshaaAllah. We won’t get to see each other every breakfast and dinner anymore in 2017 but I hope you know where you can always find me. I promise I’ll have my shoulder ready for you, and I hope you would to. I’m glad to see where we’re at now.

Here’s to Ainnur Iman, the most annoying mango I have ever met; but who’s around to squeeze me tight whenever the time calls for it.

And here’s to the friends I have lost, who meant so much back in 2015, or even 2014, but barely utter a word in 2016; I hope you are doing better than ever and I wish once in a while you’d go through life and just remember how good the times we spent together were because I do remember. I do miss everyone who has left but more than anything else, I miss the moments. Know that I am here, and that I am proud, of whoever you are now and of all that you have achieved. Most importantly, know that I am still down for you and that if you wish to return, my arms will be extended the way they always were back then.

There is no guarantee what 2017 has in store; there is no saying which friend would stay, and which would leave; but as long as I know that my 2016 was made memorable by these individuals, I guess that would be enough for me to move forward.


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