Short Story | Idea of Love

​Ever since she was a little child, she had always imagined a little cottage with flowering vines draping all over. Outside the cottage would be a small garden that complement fragrances of daises, lilies and petunias. A small river filled with silver fishes would also be in sight as a brick bridge gazes at the moon filling the horizon. To finish off this panoramic picture, she would imagine her childhood sweetheart coming home from town after a full day of working at the office. Her name is Salice and this was her wish.

Picture a pristine forest filled with its natural habitats untouched. The fainted sounds of the overflowing waterfall could be heard from the peak of the highest mountain. The sparkling dew on each moist leaf could be rummaged, as dawn was about to commence. To complete this state of tranquility, he then imagines his old buddy back from his childhood days together with him as they delve into his childhood days together with him as they delve into the wonders of the forest. His name is Justin and this was his wish.

From a small village called Bauser, there were two very bright children namely Salice and Justin. Ever since they were 7 years old, they realized they had quite a number of things in common especially their outlook on life. They always enjoyed sharing their hopes, dreams and wishes with each other. This bond that they built together lasted all the way through their childhood days up to their teen ages. Their naive relationship that was packed with positivity and optimism soon led to something unexpected, something beautiful.

It is true when people say that a boy and a girl could never just be best friends. The more Salice and Justin talked about their dreams, the stronger the feelings for one another grew. They helped each other in their studies and gave a lot of motivation to each over when they were about to sit for their exams. Then, their journey became a bit hazy as both of them got places in universities miles apart from each other.

“It’s okay Salice. We will be reunited one day. Promise me to wipe those tears of yours and never let them show, he managed to ease Salice’s troubled heart by assuring her that they are going to remain in contact via letters. A while after they parted both of them kept their oath which is to give their full attention on their academic performances and give none to their feelings. Letters came in their mails every fortnight and every thing was going as planned. Everyone thought their relationship was going to last as the old English proverb, absence makes the heart grow fonder. They thought they were meant to be. Life said it was just another tragedy.

After 11 years apart, after 5 years of total silence, after a sudden encounter, all the wishing stopped. Then out of the blue, on a pleasant evening, at the local supermarket during one of the end year holidays, fate brought them together for one final encounter. Irine was just casually buying her groceries when from across the lane, she saw the love of her life that she still desperately hold on to, Justin.  She left all her grocery bags and ran to get to Justin.  “Why haven’t you been replying my letters or emails?” beamed Salice playfully when she first saw her best friend all grown up. “I got busy,” Justin replied coldly avoiding Salice’s gaze. ‘Well, I was busy as well finishing up my degree, but a simple one-linear greeting wouldn’t hurt, would it? answered Salice optimistically still wishing Justin would loosen up and act goofy like he used to. Then, just as Irine was about to joyfully express how much she has missed him, she glanced at his hands.

To her surprise, there was a big engagement ring on his finger! Justin realized the cat was out of the bag started begging for Salice to stop crying. ‘You are engaged and you didn’t tell me! You left me hoping on something that was never there. All this while I actually waited for you. How could you do this to me? ,’ Salice yelled at him and with that she ran off.
The devastating news of Justin leaving Salice came as a shock to most of the villagers of their small town. Ties were broken as Salice wanted to move and leave all the mess behind and start a new. She packed up and said her goodbyes to her father, changed her zip code and never looked back. There were times where she would wake up one morning and feel the urge to forgive Justin, or she would wake up feeling lonely and upset all over again. Regardless, the feelings never ended there, or even as months pass by.

The sun rises every morning greeting a wooden rooftop that has now been showered with beautiful draping orchids. The cabin is surrounded by a garden filled with various plantations from red roses to green vegetables. Inside the cosy cabin lives a girl that used to believe and then buried the idea of love. Irine has finally gotten over her heartbreak when she found peace during her stay away from the city. She now believes again in the idea of love. But, she just haven’t found him yet.


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