1984 by George Orwell | A Book Review

​Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) by George Orwell is by far the most disturbing book I’ve ever read.

Do you like to read complete dystopia? Well Orwell is an expert in creating a world so horrible that it can leave the reader feeling depressed from page one.


“Hidden away in the Record Department of the sprawling Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith skilfully rewrites the past to suit the needs of the Party. Yet he inwardly rebels against the totalitarian world he lives in, which demands absolute obedience and controls him through the all-seeing telescreens and the watchful eye of Big Brother, symbolic head of the Party. In his longing for truth and liberty, Smith begins a secret love affair with a fellow-worker Julia, but soon discovers the true price of freedom is betrayal.

This book, there is no real way to adequately express it. It is one of those books that shakes your world so you cannot see it the same way afterward. Sparknotes and other sites do not give it justice. Set in a Dystopian world, George Orwell writes about the adventures of Winston Smith, and the problem he has, which is that his memory still works. This book should be mandatory for teens and young adults to read, as it really digs deep emotionally. However, the book should only be read by teens and adults, as they can understand the book, it is not kid friendly by any measure. The ending is cynical, but you must understand that Orwell was dying when he wrote this. But everyone must read this book at some point in their life, once you read the book you will understand why I say this. It really is an eye-opener piece for me.

I really enjoyed 1984. It’s the kind of book that you can’t put down. It is very well-written, and just slow enough for my liking.

This book is filled with complex ideas- more so than your average dystopian novel. Not only are political issues discussed (ie. dictatorship, censorship etc.) but other philosophical issues are mentioned throughout the novel, such as the nature of truth, and whether or not the world as we know it physically exists or if it simply exists in our own minds. Some mild sex scenes and quite a bit of violence (he is tortured at the end of the novel)– but these are necessary for the deeper meanings and overall themes in the book. The book itself does not at all focus on the sex or the violence. Very enjoyable (however depressing), but it takes a certain maturity both to understand and appreciate the novel.

I rate this book 9.5/10, just because I’m not into any kind of violence read but it certainly is a good book. If you’re interested on reading it, there are quite number of e-books available so it isn’t a hassle to get the physical book.

All thanks to a friend of mine, Dhilan for recommending this great read. Enjoy!


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