#InspirasiInTheMaking | Pre-Project Vibes!

Guess what guys? I’m up for a not-so-big project ahead! Yayzerz *throws confetti*

This logo creds to my graphic & tech committee –> Niesa!! *stands in ovation* lolz

Disclaimer: This post will be a very informal and personal one from me. Direct translations, manglish and even me using Malay sentences- the list goes on hehe.

As mentioned on the logo, “Projek Inspirasi” is something that came accross my mind many many years ago (not so long ago really, I think I got the idea when I had my first reunion with my primary school classmates? 2013, I guess hehe). As cheesy as this my sound, I miss my primary school. Not really pun- I just miss my friends (this one, no kidding! I rasa nak nangis now :’) #sodrama

Almost every year, I’d organize a get-together bbq party at my house just to indulge some time with old friends and reminiscing the good’ol time. Even if this kind of party is still going on, I admit I must say I like it when I get to spend time with ’em old friends.

New Year 2015 Bbq 💙

Why “Inspirasi”? What a cliché name… No man I take this name very serious, personally though.

Some 6 years ago

2011; I filed it under “the best year in my life”. As seen in the picture, cheerful faces of SKBTP UPSR 2011 5As students on stage and in the middle, smiling broadly, our Cikgu Zaidi ❤ 

A year full of inspirations. I must say whenever I felt down during high school I will look back to this particular moment. So much feelings in a picture. And 2011, not just a sweet memory to us the 2011s, but to the teachers as well… until today! Very surreal.

From left: Aiman (Lead Faci), Ammar (Vice Secretary) & Niesa (Photography & Graphics)
First project meeting with the hicoms 💫

Kenapa 2011 masih disebut-sebut sampai sekarang? Walaupun dunia pendidikan sekarang jauh berbeza daripada dulu. (UPSR now I think is up to SPM standards with the HOTS system and all.) A long story cut short, the 2011s broke the school’s record in achieving most numbers of straight As in UPSR. And still holding the title until today. Well, most people would say “obviously UPSR back in 2011 was much easier than now. Sekarang ni cikgu pun pening kepala sebab format baru”. I don’t blame the system because it has its own pros that will take time for the society to see the progress. But I anticipate how proud of our teachers are to us. Masih ingat kami walaupun dah bertahun tak jumpa. We parted ways to different high schools etc. Sangat terharu.

I am very proud of my batch. So proud. Bukan setakat yang 5As- those who weren’t given the rezeki to be on stage that year also, I’m very proud of them too. I’m proud of us as a whole.

I admit, I was wayyy smarter when I was in primary school. Anugerah Terbaik Kelas, Anugerah Terbaik Aliran (Top 10), Anugerah Terbaik Matapelajaran- list goes on. I was my friends’ greatest competition when it came to exams. Bila masuk sekolah menengah, when I admitted to Sekolah Seri Puteri specifically, I’m not the Alya that was very proud of her exam results. That was her peers go-to when it comes to study things. I wasn’t who I am before. I dealt with peer pressures, culture shocks, depression and anxiety up until the last year of my high school that my results in high school weren’t any close to the ‘cemerlang’ students. I once begged Ibu & Ayah to get me out of the school because I was so dissapointed with myself. Very dissapointed.

But when I come to think about my friends in normal high school- whenever during the holidays I’d attend tuition classes. Bila jumpa balik kawan lama, dapat borak pulak pasal result. I must say, rasa diri ni kerdil sangat. Because most of them were wayyyy successful than me yang dekat boarding school. I even seeked their assistance during tuition kalau tak faham anything. I was once their inspiration (maybe) to become successful in studies. Now, they’re my HUGE inspiration to keep on believing I’m capable to be like my old self and to be like them.

So this is how I created “Inspirasi”. Because of the inspirations surrounded around me. How I hope my juniors will get as much inspirations as what I get- to inspire them and also creating wonderful memories with my old friends.

Doakan that everything goes well for the project okay? It is to be expected to happen around March. If any of you kind souls who wish to lend a helping hand fir the project kindly direct message (dm) through Instagram or Twitter (both under the username @alyazlkha). 

“Be a somebody that makes everybody feels like a somebody”


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