Even the smallest things are influenced

I have said this before. I have said this a million times before.
This sounds totally shameful somehow but you know that feeling of seeing your friends being so happy and getting the special attention from special people. And in return they’re giving a lot of attention and time and effort to their special ones. People always gush saying how lucky they are and wishing to be them. 

It’s funny how no matter how hard you’ve sworn that you don’t want to get involved in these kind of shit you’d end up joining in the envy. It’s funnier how no matter how much you despise the idea of being a part of a relationship, you would end up being in one in the end of the day. 

Maybe I have became one of the people dreaming to attain the so-called special attention, then proceeding to blame peer pressure. But well, we are pressured into a lot of things. How we dress, how we talk. Don’t you just hate it when something just manipulates your mind and crashes your consent especially in the things you have strongly opposed of for a quite a duration of time. 

I mean, it’s just everywhere and it’s so uncontrollable. If it’s not coming from your friends then it will eventually do from some random person in social media or some widespread gossip. All depicting how temporary companionship can blind the hearts of the subjects to a small utopia of never ending bliss. It’s such a distraction to not just the people involved in it but also the people who recognise it. 

I don’t know why I sound mad about this. Maybe I’m mad of myself of letting a petty teenage issue penetrate deep into my thoughts and control my perspectives. Maybe. But I just can’t stand how love (or in this case, peer pressure) is turning the most intelligent demeanours to make the most idiotic decisions. 

Have your own goals and stance. Don’t let anything, or anyone manipulate you. 


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