Rant 101 | Of ‘unstable emotions’ and impromptu catch up with finzies!

Hi everyone! It’s been quite sometime since I last posted here *blows the dust*

I felt a little down throughout this week, for unsignificant reasons – overthinking, depression, anxiety… Oh yeah I just got back from my short emergency trip to Singapore last night. Couldn’t be any happier that Tok Mek’s condition is okay and that she’s stable now πŸ™‚

Anyways so, since I got back from my trip last night I decided to have an impromptu meet up with Juju and Aiman today. Tbh, one reason that I feel so warm around both of them I just have to see them right after my trip is only because I’ve been ranting to them throughout the week about my ‘unstable emotions’. 

I must say, I am the happiest when I am with them. Not to exaggerate my feelings or what, I just feel the warmth and comfort when I’m around them. Not that I don’t appreciate my other friends. I do. Maybe because I’m always with them on a daily basis and my past friendships kept haunting me that I feel such comfort when they’re around. At least they’re always there to calm me down whenever I want to have teh ais and do a longgg rant about life.

Aiman & Juju – idk how that we get along so well (it must be sebab Projek Inspirasi, somehow hahah). Up to this day, we’ve shared (not) everything, be it personal or not. Pernahlah one or two times burst dekat dorang because of how stressful my life is. All I can say, I’m truly blessed to have them in my life.

Hambar macam mana pun lawak dia, I’ll always ended up laughing the hardest when it comes to them. Merepek betul but its true! #mudahterhibur 

To Manman and Juju, if you’re reading this – thank you for having my backs lately ahah. All good thanks for coping with my endless koyak-ness and barai-ness whatnot and always have something positive to say whenever I need some motivations 💯 here’s to more times of us calling each other ‘jamban’, gelak guling-guling, personal sharing moments and catching up over drinks 🍻

All the ❀, Ally.


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