​An Important Letter to My Own Body

Dear eyes,
You deserved to see more sunsets and stars.

Dear ears,

You should have gotten more I love yous,

I am sorry for the screams.

Dear mind,

You are beautiful.

You did not deserve all the hate I gave you,

For over working.

Dear feet,

I have not thanked you enough 

For all the steps you continued to take.

Dear hands,

I hope you like the new moisturizers.

Dear stomach,

I am sorry for all the meals I skipped.

For all the times I made you feel,

Like you were the least significant part of me.

I should have listened to your wails.

Dear ribs,

And collarbones,

I promise to give you more shelter.

Dear skin,

I am sorry,

For all the times,

And all the ways,

I broke and tore you,

Just so you could accompany,

Dear heart,

I don’t know how you keep beating.

Don’t know how you keep loving,

Despite being flung to rock bottom,

I never meant the times,

I wished you would cease to feel.

I have tried to stop you,

I have tried to spite you,

I don’t want to try anymore.

You are all the brave I have,

You are all the selfless I am,

And you are so full of forgiveness,

You’ve even decided to forgive me,

For all times I tried to drown my own being.

I don’t know what I ever did,

To deserve a warrior,

Like you


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