A Thing or Two About A Thing or Two | Part 3

Part 1 & Part 2

1. How you met the person you fell hardest for?

Um, a year ago, I met a person who’s cruel in the nicest, most caring ways. We casually know each other on March 2016, during a debate competition. Man I have to admit (if you happen to read this), you have your own aura. The kind that I can’t put into words (over kan but whatever my pov). Thank you for teaching me firsthand about rejection and heartbreak. Oh and also for all the supports you’ve given me (debate advices blabla hahah). Thank you for being so kind to me jugak. I still consider myself as lucky for the oppoturnity to know someone like you. Good luck in everything πŸ™‚

2. Who made you laugh pretty often?

I happen to fall under the ‘easily entertained’ circle, so I’ll laugh to anyone yang buat jokes walaupun hambar kahkah

3. How do you view someone who smokes? Do any of your family members/friends smoke? If yes, how do you deal with them?

Idk though. What came across my mind is that, smoking is first and foremost, a one’s choice. A destructive choice indeed. Smoking is clearly very unhealthy, and it causes immediate harms firsthand by 25-30%. Yang secondhand smokers apatah lagi kan. I have no issues with people that smokes. And yes, my dad smokes and I have a few friends (including a close friend) that smoke. Its their choice anyway. But of course I’m concern with their health whatnot. *constantly praying that one day they’ll realize about the reality*
4. Do you like kids?


5. Most traumatic experience

Attending my childhood best friend’s funeral (miss you, M!). I wrote a eulogy for him here.

6. Describe briefly about your ex.

He’s nice and a bad ass at the same time.

7. Your nickname(s) and how you get them.

Leya – some of my relatives and close friends call me by that.

Zu – my high school nickname, just because back then there were TOO many Alya in one batch pfft.

Ally – only Aiman and Juju call me by this nickname. 

Panje – my aunties call me by this sebab I used to be super ‘manja’ when I was a little girl.

8. Your guilty pleasure.

Baking hehe ❀

9. Do you speak any other language?

I used to have Mandarin lesson back in high school. Now karat already hehe. I speak both Malay and English at home but mostly Malay. I would loveeee to learn French one day (just because I think French is classy lel).

10. What’s a favourite thing about yourself?

I’m a good listener.

Till next time β™‘


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