Experience 360 | Minggu Destini Siswa UiTM Melaka Alor Gajah Campus #mdslendu #GOLENDU

Hi there yall! I’ve missed you ♡

So I’m officially in uni now woot woot #yayzer. I’ve enrolled UiTM Melaka the Alor Gajah Campus (well known as UiTM Lendu) last week for MC110 – Dip. in Communication and Media Studies.

The environment is so sooo nice. You know that MARA would build their unis or MRSMs far in the rural area kan. Its so peaceful and the sceneries sumpah nice. Like legit lawa gila subhanallah (ok calm down I think I’m exaggerating here).

#langitlendu ceh

My residence for the next 6+ months or so will be Kolej Tun Sabariah. A quite new residential college with 10 levels (lifts are provided). Each house has 4 bedrooms with two single beds, two study tables & lockers, a living room, three toilets and a kitchen table top. Super comfyyy!!! Most as likely as an apartment (cause unlike other residential colleges, they would resident three people in a room with a double-decker bed, a single bed and three study tables. Toilets are outside of the room. Macam hostel betul lah. But its nice jugak just the toilet part tu renyah sikit lah hehe)

The outside view of Kolej Tun Sabariah

This is home for the next 6+ months

Ze room 
One with my alumna of UiTM madré ❤
Support system

One thing that I’m thankful for would be – I get the most reliable, considerate, funny and awesome housemates! There are eight of us. My roommate, Qilah (she’s from STF btw hehe #allgirlsvibe), me and the other six of us.

Housemates ♡ (From left; Dayah, Syira, Soffea, Teah, Qilah, Haifa and Tasha)
One with ze roommate ♡
We’re blessed with good lighting at our home hehe

We’re together almost everytime! Nak jalan anywhere mesti tanya “mana *insert name*” blabla. Balik rumah we would catch up over jokes and how tiring the day was. Can’t wait to spend more days with them hehu.

Tak sempat tangkap gambar with my coursemates (oh remember I met two girls from the interview? They’re in Lendu jugak lol yay!)

MDS was super duper tiring seriously! Tambah lagi my college atas bukit and throughout those 5 days 5 nights we would have to go up and down a hill (they call it ‘bukit tonggek’ cause we literally have to tonggek bila nak naik lol the irony) also we would have to use a long, quiet and dark (at night and subuh) called ‘Jalan Karak’ just to go to the masjid. Phew. You can imagine how tiring it was seriously. Luckily, my faculty is just infront of the college so tak ada susah sangat nak pergi classes once lectures start 🌚 

Aside from the tirednesss and all, MDS was really fun. Since I’m used to the fatigue of having full day of activities and got forced to do things faster than it should be (like eating) because I came from a SBP background. The PMs (Pemimpin Mahasiswa) were so soo nice and caring. At times, very fun too!

Source: Twitter

To sum it all, a few advices to future juniors (heh can lah) that will be admitting UiTM Lendu in the mere future;

  1. The whole week of MDS will mostly be filled with speeches and briefings. So make sure you give your utmost concentration during the sessions. Kalau terlelap, ask your friends ASAP pasal intipati briefing tadi. Takut you tertinggal.
  2. To girls – during MDS you memang kena pakai baju kurung (I know, kalau you duduk my kolej sumpah macam apa je kena hiking pakai baju kurung I rasa nak cabut kain kalau boleh lol) so prepare few baju kurungs; COMFY ONES! Bukan baju kurung moden yang ketat tu no no no!! Make sure you boleh jalan dengan selesa dan senang when you put on the baju kurung.
  3. Another thing for girls – you can wear flats but untuk MDS its advisable to ONLY wear sport shoes. Sebab you banyak bergerak and all. Also, pakai socks yang comfortable and agak tebal so that you tak melecet (strictly NO skin socks eh).
  4. MDS is actually a great oppoturnity for you to make friends, be it from the same course or different course. Kalau boleh, blend in cepat cepat. Put aside rasa malu and all. You’re in uni now! Slowly try to communicate (as simple as a question like “awak ambil course apa?” or “dari mana?” or just say “hi!” at least).
  5. Last for girls – if you free hair (this is in no way possible an insult okiee mind you), masa MDS try pakai headscarf. Pinless pun okay. Try to wear something ‘decent’ lah kiranya. Idk why but during my time those yang free hair semua kena advise pakai scarf walaupun pinless. Take it as baby steps for you to ‘try a new thing’. Later on during the programme you’ll be introduced to something called Sahsiah Rupa Diri. By then you’ll understand what I meant by ‘decent”. 

To sum it up, I think everything’s good for now. When it comes to things like this, and by this I mean updating about my life, I honestly suck at it. It’s not that I do not have the time to do so, it’s just that my laziness overpowers everything else most of the time. But since some of you requested a follow up, hence, here’s a not so thorough post. Till next time xx


5 thoughts on “Experience 360 | Minggu Destini Siswa UiTM Melaka Alor Gajah Campus #mdslendu #GOLENDU

  1. Nak tanya , masa pendaftaran kene pakai baju kurung putih ke or masa mds je ? Bila yang kene pakai baju kurung putih and kain hitam and bawal hitam?


    1. masa pendaftaran pakai baju kurung biasa, preferrably yang selesa sebab you have to accommodate a lot so kalau pakai kurung moden tu cam tak selesa sangat + lendu ni panas hawau 😅 untuk baju kurung putih dan kain + tudung hitam tu akan dipakai dalam salah satu hari sepanjang MDS. nanti pihak faci akan maklumkan. harap membantu 😊


  2. Hi Kak! I’ll be in UiTM Lendu this upcoming 15 July. Not sure what to expect but I hope to get a good dorm room like Tun Sabariah haha. Thanks for giving an insight on ur experience! I have a few questions I hope you dont mind 😅

    1. Should I wear baju kurung with sport shoes or is tht weird? 😅
    2. What to expect on hari pendaftaran?
    3. I’m planning on decorating my room too is that okay? Like hang wall art and stuff without damaging the walls.
    4. This on going rumour bout spirits. Whats your experience or maybe a college-mate?
    5. Essesntials to bring for the first semester. ( i’m takin diplo in graphic design btw)

    Sorry, kinda excited to start a new life in Uni. Hope this comment reaches out to ya! Thanks! 😊


    1. hello! sorry for the longggg silence. been busy with finals hehe 😅 so here goes:
      1. yep apparently thats whats gonna happen during mds. and nope, not weird at all. the rational is so that you tak melecet throughout mds because trust me, there will be a lot of walking.
      2. during hari pendaftaran, you’ll firstly go to your college (randomly selected), kemas barang etc. and proceed to the main hall for briefings. solat jemaah and all. thats basically it for the first day.
      3. as long as you dont damage the walls then its okay. because apparently if you do, you akan kena saman/denda. but fairy lights arent allowed except those that uses battery life (not the power socket ones).
      4. I’ve never had any experience with it myself but throughout my two sems here, got a few cases lah. what I can advice you is that, always always always jaga solat 5 waktu and hygiene especially when youre on the “time-of-the-month”. inshaaAllah nothing bad will happen 😊
      5. I think laptop? and (probably) art stuffs because looking at my graphic friends, during the first semester its usually abt the basics so maybe theres some drawing activities involve. later on when youre here they’ll give you a more detailed briefings.

      I hooe this answers to your requirement. super sorry for the late reply 😅🙏 all the best aye! see ya around 😉


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