Aidilfitri 2017

Slightly belated but better late than never!

​Selamat Hari Raya guys! 

Hows Aidilfitri for you guys? Are you celebrating, did you load in on the food and duit raya? I hope you did!

Aidilfitri is a festivity that my mom tries to welcome with a lot of gusto. We went back to both sides of kampungs (my dad’s in Ipoh whilst my mom in Segamat) and my mom being the superwoman she is keeps up with all the tradition you would find in the kampung. We cook and clean like crazy! 

Growing up, I would help out but always with a slight grunt and reluctance. I’d just rather be asleep or something ya feel? And I don’t really like to do something if someone tells me to do it you know right, you feel me right…. But this year, my parents told me I can do whatever I want (including buying whatever I want) to make the house look nice. I don’t know if my parents read a parenting hack or just felt like it was time to give me some responsibility, but it worked man (probably was the prospect of being able to go shopping no questions asked hehe). I rearranged the whole living room voluntarily, and was pretty much headed the cleaning side of raya prep, just doing more than any of them asked for initially. So top tip, if you want somebody get something just tell them they have free will to of anything they want with it because their in charge, or yknw, give them some money and let them spend it however they want.

Whilst cleaning I realised, I feel more at home than I’ve ever been. Being in boarding school all my life has sort of made me feel confused at what the term home really is, I always feel like a nomad. But I think I’ve figured it out guys, home is wherever and whatever you put your heart into. It doesn’t have to be an actual place, if you invest your time and care into something, it starts to become home. 

Anyways, this raya season has been super busy for me. Apologies for delaying my raya post this year, I just did not have a time! And this post is a little cincai because I gotta get back to the assignments soon, but I’ll be adding some raya pictures below. 

Hope you had a great day! And Maaf Zahir & Batin for anything and everything.


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