How its been so far

(Note: Finally over and done with my interim semester. Now now 5 weeks break come to mommy huehue)

Its nearing the two month mark of my time here in UITM Lendu, and I know, I haven’t written about it enough. The whole experience has been a new sort of growing up, and I get caught taking it all in and forget to make time to blog about it. But I’m up now and I have things to pack that won’t let me sleep so come, story time

I love uni. 

The teaching here is different, in the way that university is meant to be different. You have so much more responsibility over your own learning. There are no compulsory lectures, teacher don’t get to know you on a personal one-on-one basis, nobody is reminding you what to do when and definitely nobody is going to tell you what should be more important. You get to decide your priorities, and you have the choice to try your best, or well, not try at all. See I knew this, but I didn’t know it, you know? I didn’t know what it means for skipping classes not to be a luxury and just, a choice. I never not had friends or teachers who would remind me that I have this to do and that to complete. I don’t have to care if I don’t want to quite frankly, and this predicament has made me do one thing : 

care very deeply.

Which is good. This is not to say that I am hunched over my desk scoring 98/100 on all my assignments, but it does mean that I’m finally genuinely caring. Finally genuinely interested, curious and intrigued. I don’t think this is exclusive to UITM, but being in uni has made me fall in love with learning. I admit, I’ve been sort of blessed with learning but I never really loved it. But now, I do.

I walk to and back from school everyday because my residence is just a walk away from my class building, except if I wanna have breakfast/lunch with my classmates after classes. Its just a short walk to be honest….. . I have a class that starts as early as 0800H (I KNOW RIGHT) so I wake up at around 0630H. On average, I end at about 1000H, but some days are earlier and some days are later. The walk to school is really nice. Theres a road I cross everyday that I feel like I might die at (lol) because its so busy and if you’re a second too late you might just get run over. I have to sprint a little and it always manages to wake me up for my 8 am lectures. Its gucci baby.

I’ve made friends here! Like good friends. Good enough for me to crash in their rooms for group assignments because my room is so far away (and you know, that hill called bukit tonggek and all). I will insert some photos of them at the end of the post πŸ™‚

Sometimes I like to reserve myself a bit when I feel a little over the top. Being alone is actually quite nice. I thoroughly enjoy it, and I now have come to a point where I don’t feel awkward being alone with myself. I think thats a huge milestone, and I’m proud of me for getting there. You gotta be cool with chilling with yourself yknow?

So other than some complications like sometimes the atm machine broke down like cray cray, and having migraines on super sunny days, I’m really starting to like it here. Feeling a lot less like a foreigner, and feeling a lot more like a part of this busy metropolis. I think if Lendu was a color, it would be like silver, and I’m totally into silver.

Also its so much sunnier than it should be right now. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL GUYS SEND HELP.

Hope everyone is doing okay. If you’re not, please make yourself some hot milo.

Ps// Did I not tell you about my video assignment for study skills? Hehe till then!


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