I’m not pretty

Okay, no, don’t comfort me. This isn’t a call for attention because, acknowledging that doesn’t make me sad in any way. I am not pretty, and frankly, I still feel great.

I’ve been doing some thinking and I wondered why people expect me to be sad. I know society puts standards to beauty, and I know there is a huge on-going movement to fight against it, but I also know, that I don’t fit into the current stereotype of a pretty girl. Im not tall and lanky, no perfect skin to boast about and my non-augmented teeth are far from the braces tweaked smiles that photographers look for. You wouldn’t look at me and remember me as the pretty girl, or pick me out in a crowded room for my eyes. And thats fine, its just a standard that I don’t fit into.

Society puts standards to everything. Intelligence is measured by your grade, when in truth, brilliant minds may not score straight A’s but have amazing opinions, extraordinary outlooks and wisdom. Wealth is measured by the watch you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in, when in reality, some people are so wealthy with other things in life, material goods do not matter. A successful individual is spotted by the things they achieve, but we never acknowledge the fact that outcomes are almost always out of our control, and perhaps being successful should be measured by how much you put into achieving something, instead of actually achieving it.

Beauty is like that. The world has created yardsticks to beauty, which quite frankly, a lot of beautiful people do not fit. And maybe society isn’t at fault. Maybe its just convenient to classify and standardize, and maybe thats fine. Maybe we just have to stop taking offense for all the definitions we don’t fit into, and credit each other for the things that we do have. Maybe if we can’t get rid of standards, we should just stop using its narrow definition as a convenient tool to put people down.

I like my smile, and some other people do too. Not everyone, but everyone doesn’t matter.


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