Experience 360 | Amity: A Short Drama

I tweeted a few days back that I would do a write up about my own video assignment which is ‘Amity: A Short Drama’. 
But here I am, too overwhelmed to write about it and all I have is a blank page and a blinking “|” (you know what I’m talking about – the thing that moves you when you type, haha)

This video was specifically done for our UED102 Study Skills subject as our final assignment. We would have to film somewhat a ‘campus tour’ of five important places around the campus. Most of us did a short story out of the task instead of just shooting a normal video telling the functions of each place (Masscomm kan, people (especially lecturers) would expect something different from us compared to other courses. Can’t blame them huhu).

Heck it how should I put it into words? I mean, the whole experience was totally something that I would (probably my groupmates too) treasure 10 to 20 years from now. Although the feedback that we got from our lecturer  isn’t as ‘pleasant’ but alhamdulillah it was positively acknowledged by classmates and friends.

The casts (also crews) behind Amity: A Short Drama

But before that, let me introduce the people behind #amity2k17 ;

Liyana Izzaty (Director) as Yana
Amirzul Muzaffar as Zul
Eiyrea Natassha (Videographer) as Ili
Yusuf Ihtisyamuddin as Syam
Irdina Nazri (Editor) as Ina

Last but not least,

Alya Zulaikha (Scriptwriter) as Ju

There used to be six friends who did everything together – Zul, Ili, Yana, Ina and Ju. They were inseparable until Ju died for ovarian cancer. This is the story of how six became five and how each of the remaining friends attempts to come to terms with his or her loss and to try to carry on living.

The story follows the group through the next ten years with them being driven somewhat by Ju’s death. Some things are easy to complete whereas others are much more difficult. The problem is that, the more they get caught up in the memory, the more the cracks start to appear in their fragile friendships. Was Ju the linchpin that held them all together and is there a future for this group of friends now that six have irreversibly become five?

This is a very moving story particularly as, at its heart, is the tragic loss of a young person who had it all to live for. It raises the question of just how do you go on living when one of your best friends is dead. There are happy memories interspersed with disbelief, guilt and grief. Each of the friends deals with their emotions in different ways and seeing how they do this makes them feel very real. 

Amity tackles a subject that most dramas in the genre don’t. There is a lot of deep seated grief from Ju’s death, but it is handled in a way that’s not overly morose. In fact there is a lot of humour in this drama, particularly from Syam, which left a reminder that it’s okay to laugh still, even when life throws you a difficult hand. Ju’s death is evidently very sad for her friends, especially for Zul whom she was married to a few years after they graduated and from the information gleaned in the drama about Ju, it seemed that she was a friendly, happy person with it all to play for: someone you’d want in your life.
This is a story that is all about friendship and how that friendship can be tested to the limit when faced with a terrible tragedy and how they come to make life changing decisions.

I had so much fun shooting this task. Definitely a different insight about university.

All in all, the assignment was quite a success. Despite not getting a proper feedback from our lecturer, I mean, I learnt so much from this task. Tolerance, responsibility, to laugh even when things are tough, to appreciate every bit of the moment you have with your friends. There is so much thing to live for than clinging on to something that brings you down. I managed to create good bonds with my groupmates and I can’t wait to survive another two and a half years of college with them (and with my other classmates hehe).

I would want to be Ju, honestly. I would want to be her because of her friends and that she’s been through it all for her friends and so did the others for her. 

In all honesty, throughout 18 years of living I haven’t done much as a friend. Sometimes I failed to be a good friend to my friends- I wasn’t with them through their tough times etc. I perhaps sometimes did things that would ruin the friendship but they still accept me as what I am. What more could I ask for?

I am still trying, trying and trying to be a good friend eventhough I believe I could never be good enough for my friends- my best friends especially. They are legit the real deal I tell you. They stood by my side for as long as I can remember. They answered my calls even the clock shows 3 in the morning, that would answer my ridicolous question(s) via whatsapp. They never, ever give up on me. I’m thankful for that.

To the ones that has been there through it all, I really miss you 😦 I hope we can catch up soon…

At the ending of the drama, I did a voice over of Ju showing her gratitude of how she is thankful for all her five friends. With that, here’s a proper ‘gratitude letter’ that I would give to my friends if I was Ju in reality hehe;

Dearest Zul, Yana, Ina, Syam and Ili…

I’m thankful for I have met the five of you in this life. I admit that all of us are connected by hearts, by our souls. We’ve had each others’ backs for years now and I wouldn’t survived without all of you there. I’m just glad that I have you with me the whole way. You know things about me that no one else does and know me better than I probably do myself. You worth every gem on this Earth. I am so, so lucky to have you. You’ve helped me more than anyone has ever did in my entire life. The long walks to nowhere, the long nights of laughing at what seems like nothing and everything, the pep talks, the ego checks. You never fail to slap me in the face with reality when I need or deserve it, nor do you hesitate to give me a helping hand when it’s obvious I can’t do it on my own. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

I know the pain I’m enduring right now should be equally shared with all of you. But for me to do that, it’s totally unfair. I’m sorry that I’d have to leave so soon. I’m really sorry.

To Zul, thank you for always being there since the beginning. Thank you for dedicating your time and heart to me, when I didn’t deserve it. I mean, who would’ve that bravery and willingness to marry someone with a terminal illness, what more an ovarian cancer? Thank you for loving me unconditionally, for sticking up for me, for holding my hand when my heart was aching. To forevermore…

I’ll see all of you on the other side. All the love, Ju.

(Note: Watch Amity: A Short Drama here )


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